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Work-Integrating-Life Programme

WIL is a re-integration support programme designed to coach individuals who are planning to return to work, after a career break (including parental or caregiver leave).

about the programme

Work-Integrating-Life (WIL) is a programme designed to support and coach an individual, who has taken (or will be taking) a career break to be a caregiver. This could be in the form of parental leave (maternity), caregiver leave or a sabbatical.


The Programme stretches over a period of 6 – 7 months (or less, if desired) and is carried out on a one-on-one basis with a chosen coach.

WIL focuses on supporting the journey of the individual before going on leave, during and upon returning. With a dedicated coach, the returner will follow a structured series of coaching sessions to rediscover her goals, strengths and pathway ahead.

Our focus is to support individuals wanting to create a successful work-life-integration in her life.

Are you looking for support as you return to work, prepare for maternity leave or go through a major transition?

Then the Work-Integrating-Life Coaching Programme is suitable for you.

Partner a coach who can help you prepare for upcoming changes and devise strategies to:

- help you manage work-family balance

- plan and implement goals 

- tap on tools to achieve your targets (at work and in life)

- work on inner growth in preparation for tackling life's challenges. 

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Therapy Closeup

Steps to get started



Complete a Needs
Analysis Questionnaire 




Decide if you want 4 or 6 personalise, one-on-one coaching sessions



You will be assigned to a Coach, based on your requirements. He/ She will reach out to you.



Your WIL coach will commence on your WIL Journey, once administration & payment details are complete.

"Awakening Within" Package

4 sessions

Ideal for those who would like to zoom in on specific areas of concern. 

A total of 4 sessions with a personal coach + Materials 



"Inspiring Action"


6 Sessions

For those who prefer more support to navigate through the different stages of transition, return or restart.

A total of 6 sessions with a personal coach + Materials


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about the coaches

Our panel of coaches consists of experienced professionals who have undergone various transitions in life. Having all been professionals in their previous career paths, our coaches are all certified in various tools and qualifications. With numerous years of coaching experience, your assigned coach will work with you to discover the best strategies to support your work-integrating-life journey.

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