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current & past back-to-work projects/ jobs

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current & past back-to-work projects/ jobs

We have partnered various organisations for all types of back-to-work projects. 

Below are a few corporate partnerships.

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Career Navigators focuses on bridging the gap between employers and female talents, who have taken a career hiatus, and are planning to rejoin the workforce.


With a wealth of experience, a set of strong skills and a can-do attitude, women who are returning to the workforce, make up a talent pool that is often neglected in the hiring process. As a subsidiary of Mums@Work (Singapore), we have access to a talent pool of more than 40,000+ Professional, Managerial & Executive women.

Career Navigators celebrates gender diversity and encourages companies to support the journey of these women. Acting as a partner, we strive to deliver numerous educational, tactical and strategic projects, enabling employers and job seekers to find the perfect win-win situation.

We serve as a compass point for the woman who wants to explore new (or restart previous) career paths. Through self-discovery, training and actual hands-on experiential projects, we assist her in getting back on board and getting ready to ‘up her game’.

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