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Are you stuck? Do you want to be more decisive, take action or get help creating a vision? Have you lost momentum?

Then a LIFE COACH is going to help you take the next step of transformation.

Unsure what career direction to take? Do you want to know how to get started on your job search? Want to know how to improve your resume, answer the tough interview questions and secure a job? Speak with one of our CAREER COACHES.

Keen to be an entrepreneur? Or need guidance for your current business? Approach our BUSINESS ADVISORS and useful tips and helpful advice to take your business to the next level.

life coaches

Susan Bassett
Career development, Building confidence, Communication skills, Executive presence

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Susan Bassett

Susan is a warm and engaging personal and professional development coach.  She is passionate about coaching people and thrives on working with individuals to enhance their effectiveness, confidence and ability to succeed when interacting on a formal or informal basis.  The tools and techniques Susan uses in her coaching focus on behaviour and mindset change and delve into communicating though voice, body language, structure and the art of questioning and listening.

Prior to coaching, Susan specialised in global brand and marketing for over 25 years. She draws on her experiences from the corporate world and therefore, she understands the challenges and what's needed to excel.  

Susan is a British national, Singaporean PR and has lived in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Being Eurasian, she understands and works extremely well with cultural diversity.  Being a mother of two young boys she understands the desire to be all things to all people and the need for balance.

Sam Lai
Work, Life & Family Issues. Personal Development,
Life-Stage Changes.

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Sam Lai

Han Sam, aka Sam, is a life coach helping women going through mid-life transitions, gain more clarity, freedom and joy.

Her 20 years of experience navigating the corporate world with a Fortune 500 company, leading high performing teams and coaching associates in sales, marketing, operations, support and client management, are valuable skills she brings to the coaching process.
No stranger to change, her transition from being a pharmacist to working in a multi-national healthcare IT company to starting her own company as a life coach, reflects her coaching style of exploring the unknown and remaining curious about life. Being a woman’s life coach, her areas of specializations are Work, Life & Family, Personal Development, Life-Stage Changes.

She lives in Singapore with her husband and 4 teenagers, her hands full between her personal life and work. Her challenges of being a wife, mother and a full-time worker stretch her balancing skills and her decision to live a purposeful life. She volunteers in a marriage support group with her husband in reaching for more in a fulfilling marriage.

career coaches

Teng Teng
Resume Writing,
Interview Skills, Career Search, Career Direction

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Teng Teng



Teng Teng is a trained career coach with more than 18 years of experience. She holds the belief that if we can have the clarity on how we can add value to others, the problems we like to solve, there will always be opportunities out there for us. With that philosophy, she focuses on helping her clients to gain clarity on what truly matter to them and explore how their work can encompass that. Teng Teng’s approach to career coaching is not just about finding a job, but to explore integrating “who you are” and “your work” to achieve personal satisfaction.
Teng Teng obtained her Masters of Human Development & Education from the George Washington University. She is an accredited coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Career Management Fellow (CMF) accredited by the Institute of Career Certification International.

Alka Chandiramani
Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Career Search & Relocation (Job Search)

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Alka is a multi-lingual human resources practitioner with over 25+ years of HR & legal experience. She provides neuro-leadership coaching, intercultural training & executive career coaching to Individuals, high school and university students in Singapore & around the region. She has also successfully coached clients in transition during their expatriate assignment. 

In Singapore, she currently provides advisory services to the Career Resource Centre for Excellence (CRCE), a program run by the American Association of Singapore (AAS), with continuous support in their career-related programs. She was the CRCE Manager from 2008-2017, where she delivered career coaching workshops to a diverse expatriate population from over 40+ nations.

Originating from Hong Kong, she speaks fluent Cantonese and worked with multinational companies, legal firms & schools in Hong Kong. She has obtained two Masters Degrees (HR Mgt & NeuroLeadership). Also, an Accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation (PCC) & Certified Career Coach, Interview & Resume Professional.

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EJ Choi
Personal and professional development, Leadership presence coaching, Coaching for relationships & connection

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EJ Choi.jpg

EJ is committed to being in service of others, holding them in compassion, love and care. She wholeheartedly believes that every human is capable of being and functioning at their maximum potential, and aspires to take her clients on a transformative journey to reach the highest versions of themselves.


EJ is sought after as an inspiring and thought-provoking coach, bringing her warmth and strong intuitive insights into her coaching practice. With more than 15 years of expertise in strategic communications and service experience, she facilitates meaningful and powerful conversations that help unlock possibilities for her client’s future. EJ is successful in co-designing actions and practices to help her clients embody their new learnings and awarenesses, as they take their journey towards growth and transformation.


EJ is happily married to a wonderful man and is blessed with 2 rambunctious girls.

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Karen Lur
Career Transition Coach, Resume Writing & Interview Guide, Leadership Development Coach, HR Advisory & Mentor.

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Karen Lur.jpg

Karen Lur’s career spanned more than 20 years in the Human Resource & Development functions in multi-national companies in both consultancy and regional operational HR roles.
In 2008, Karen underwent a career transition from the corporate world to working independently as a HR Professional, Mentor and Coach to integrate time with the family. Since then, Karen has assisted organisations, both local enterprises and MNCs, in developing and enhancing their HR practices to further engage their employees.
As a Coach, Karen works with individuals who are at a career transition stage, supporting them in the re-discovery of an alternative career options, reviewing their resumes & facilitating mock interviews. Karen also coaches senior executives to become a more effective leader within the corporate context.

Karen has a Master’s degree in Asia Pacific Human Resource Management with National University of Singapore, is a certified Management Consultant and approved SkillsFuture Mentor by Enterprise Singapore as well as Professional Coach.

business advisors/ specialists

Katherine Lu
Areas of Specialisation: Website Start-up, Website Design

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Katherine has more than 10 years of IT experience and has worked with clients from various industries in both Private, Public Sectors and Non Profit companies including the Government, Universities, Hospitals, Banks, SME, MNCs, in areas ranging from information technology, retail, shipping, architecture, F&B, public relations, lifestyle, advertising, auctions and media & arts.


Prior to setting up her company, she worked in an MNCs as a system developer to create and design interactive portals for well-known companies including Dell and Levis Dockers.


Her experience and wide exposure with clients have given her an advantage of understanding the clients' requirements and needs. With her exentensive profesional experience and business knowledge, she is motivated and driven to provide invaluable business and professional advice to her clients.

Silke Dietz
(Zebra & Jojo Photography)
Personal branding photographer

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Silke is a professional portrait photographer specialising in personal branding. Her passion to catch the impeccable moment has been growing over the past twenty years. She works with female entrepreneurs and executives helping them to show the world their genuine and authentic selves.


As a branding photographer she understands her clients needs and necessities due to  the fact that todays business is gauged by the content we put into the world. Her creative shooting sessions are well planned beforehand, talking colour themes, props and locations, tailored to your business and scheduled to the minute.


Originally from Germany she has been living in Asia for more than a decade. She came to Singapore in 2013 with her husband and two children, who are now teenagers. Silke loves to laugh, is very easy to talk to and a treat to work with.

Zebra & Jojo Photography

Vicki Heng
Areas of Specialisation: Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law

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Vicki Heng.jpg


Vicki runs a boutique law firm which focuses on meeting the needs of individuals, start-ups and small to medium enterprises.


An intellectual property law specialist, she assists her clients in the development, protection, exploitation and enforcement of their intellectual property rights, including copyright, trade marks, patents, designs and trade secrets.


She advises her clients on issues including brand clearance, brand protection, licensing, transfer of technology, prosecution of trade marks and designs, and intellectual property rights infringement.


Vicki also assists her clients in their employment and corporate matters.

Ryan Lim
Areas of Specialisation: Business Set-up, Business Growth, Social Media Strategy/ Marketing

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Ryan Lim_edited.jpg


Ryan has more than 15 years of digital marketing experience leading teams and industry trends. Many of his digital consulting works are adopted by leading institutions and organizations.


Currently, he provides strategic counsel and advisory to senior management teams of leading global brands, and is constantly sought to train marketing professionals. He has trained over 3,000 marketing professionals across the ASEAN region and is also actively lecturing at tertiary institutions.


Ryan currently serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Media Development Authority providing guidance and expertise on digital and social media policies and national initiatives.

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