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A partnership project between Women@Microsoft and Career Navigators (Mums@Work Singapore)

"Mentorship Morning with Microsoft"

An opportunity to join a small-group mentor-circle, hosted by Microsoft Women Leaders.

8 December 2021 (Wed)

9:30am - 12pm

Limited to 30 attendees

5 different breakout mentor-circles, with 2 mentors per circle

Mums@Work & Career Navigators partner Women @ Microsoft for 


(A series of events designed to train, mentor, uplift and empower women)

PART ONE: "Mentorship Morning with Microsoft"


(Limited to 30 pax)

The 2-segment session consists of:


Segment A - "My journey" (1 hr)

- personal sharing of Microsoft women leaders who have paved the path for fellow-women in the Tech industry

- sharing how mentoring helped them to achieve their career goals

Segment B - Breakout into Mentoring Circles (By topic) (1.5 hr)

- Attendees to be split into different mentoring circles (based on a topic you select)

- 2 mentors to 10 mentees per circle

- Personalised discussion and mentorship on a topic of choice*

- Topics include: (1) Returning to Work (2) Career Transitioning (3) Women in leadership (4) Balancing work & family

* Attendees to choose their top 3 choices - you will be given one of your choices as the Mentor Circle to be assigned to.





Depending on your choice, the mentors in your 'circle' will focus on the following topics. In your "room", you can look forward to discussions/ sharing/ advice of these topics:

(1) Returning to Work

Taken a career break and keen to return to work? Get advice on how you can get back to work and restart your career journey.  

(2) Career Transitioning

Keen to change job roles or industries? Want to know how to make the career switch and get some advice to handle any possible challenges?

(3) Women in leadership

Currently working and keen to move up the corporate ladder, but would love advice or tips on how to navigate your career path to greater heights

(4) Balancing work & family

Get meaningful advice on how you can try to support your work-family integration journey. 


Limited seats reserved for Mums@Work/ Career Navigators members.

This programme is partly sponsored by Career Navigators (Mums@Work Singapore) and Women@Microsoft.

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