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A partnership project between Women@Microsoft and Career Navigators (Mums@Work Singapore)

"Training Workshops with Microsoft"

Train with Microsoft and discover new skills:

Introduction to PowerApps and Power BI

hosted by Microsoft.

11th(Fri) & 17th(Thu) March 2022

9am - 12noon

Limited to 30 attendees

Mums@Work & Career Navigators partner Women @ Microsoft for 


(A series of events designed to train, mentor, uplift and empower women)

PART TWO: "Training Workshops with Microsoft"

11 Mar (Fri) & 17 Mar (Thu) 9am - 12pm (ONLINE)

(Limited to 30 pax)

Registration Closing Date: 07 March 2022, Monday. Seats are limited at the workshops in order to ensure that participants benefit from an interactive and hands-on experience. Please register early to avoid disappointment!

Registration is for BOTH WORKSHOPS.



(Introduction to PowerApps)

(11th Mar, Fri: 9am - 12pm)


Imagine you work for an organization where you have an internal conference, and you would like to build an app to allow internal attendees to browse sessions and see the details.  You also will need a way for the conference administrators to input the session and venue information.


Key features of the solution:

  1. A Power Apps canvas app that conference attendees can use

  2. A Power Apps model-driven app that conference admins can use to setup the data

  3. A Power Apps Business Card Reader

  4. A Power Apps Portal that external speaker can use to submit their session ideas

  5. A Business Process Flow that assists users in session management

  6. A Microsoft Power Automate Flow that requests approval for sessions depending on capacity 


App/Flow in a day Workshop 

  • Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform and AI Builder (20 mins) 

  • Pre-requisite Check (15 mins)

  • Prepare environment and data model (15 mins) 

  • Build Canvas App (40 mins)

    • Conference Admin App (20 mins)

    • Conference Attendee App (20 mins)

  • Add Business Card reader to canvas app (10 mins)

  • Make a submission page for external speakers (25 mins)

  • Add a Business Process Flow for session management (20 mins)

  • Build a flow to approve session (15 mins)


Follow-up Assignment:

  • Screenshot of completed application

Microsoft Power apps.png


(Introduction to PowerBI)

(17th Mar, Thu: 9am-12pm)

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of company VanArsdel, you often work with sales and market share analysis. You not only want to focus on the company’s performance internally but also externally. Your company manufactures expensive retail products that can be used for fun as well as work. It sells directly to consumers nationwide as well in several other countries. You will be able to prepare, model and visualize your data after this session.


  • Recap and Introduction to Power BI (15 mins) 

  • Pre-requisite Check (15 mins) 

  • Access and Prepare Data (45 mins) 

  • Data Modelling and Exploration (45 mins) 

  • Visualize Your Data – Build your own Report (45 mins) 

  • Encourage action with Power Apps in Power BI (15 mins) 


Follow-up Content: 

  • Screenshot of Dashboard

Limited seats reserved for Mums@Work/ Career Navigators members.


All places are now taken. If you are keen to join the waiting list, please email us

This programme is partly sponsored by Career Navigators (Mums@Work Singapore) and Women@Microsoft.

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