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Career Navigators X The Trade Desk:
Advertising 3.0, the world of Programmatic

Mini-Workshop & Networking Session
19 May 2023 (9:30am - 12pm) @ The Trade Desk Office

Are you a marketing specialist keen to learn the skills needed for Digital Marketing?

Interested to learn more about 'Programmatic Advertising'?

Career Navigators is delighted to partner  The Trade Desk for this interesting learning opportunity.

Join us for a morning of finding out about the Programmatic industry and how to gain free access to the world class training on using The Trade Desk’s platform. Learn how other talents  have re-entered work and switched careers into this growing sector. The mini-session will be followed by a networking opportunity with The Trade Desk business reps.

19th May 2023 (9am - 12pm)

Tea, Coffee & Snacks provided.


Learning Session:

  • What is Programmatic Advertising?

  • Moving from digital advertising to programmatic?

  • What does TTD do and where do we fit in?

  • Why do companies spend billions on programmatic advertising?

  • How can you work in a role in programmatic?

  • TTD Edge Academy and what it means, how to access & tips


Panel Sharing:

  • Returning to work after a career hiatus

  • Tapping on prior work experience to adapt to the industry

  • General advice on 'Returning to Work'


Networking  Session with Business Reps from TTD



The Trade Desk is changing the way global brands and their agencies advertise to audiences around the world. How? With a media buying platform that helps brands deliver a more insightful and relevant ad experience for consumers – and sets a new standard for global reach, accuracy, and transparency. We are proud of the culture we have built. We value the unique experiences and perspectives that each person brings to The Trade Desk, and we are committed to fostering inclusive spaces where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work every day.

Come learn more about what we do and also find out more about the Programmatic Industry

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic ad buying is the use of software to buy digital advertising. While the traditional method includes requests for proposals, tenders, quotes, and negotiation, programmatic buying uses algorithmic software to buy and sell online display space.

A sophisticated way to place advertising, it uses traffic data and online display targeting to drive impressions at scale which results in a better ROI for marketers. It can also yield great results for both SMEs and global brands so don’t ignore it just because your organization is small. 

However, it’s not the complete automation of the ad buying process. Traditionally, you  manually prepare insertion orders or ad tags, which can be labor-intensive. With programmatic advertising, marketers have more time for the optimization and improvement of ads to drive campaign success.

(More information at Beginner's guide to Programatic Advertising on DMI here

This event is a partnership between The Trade Desk & Career Navigators.

* Refund Policy: Fees will be refunded only if cancellation is made via email before 4 May 2023 (23:59hrs)

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