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partnering employers to engage female talents, restarting or redesigning careers

Recruiting talents.  Offering returnships.  Employer branding.

hiring for roles

hiring for roles


  • Single job listing on our JumpStart job portal

  • Hold an online customised hiring campaign for your firm

  • Organise a bespoke recruitment event to fill up various job vacancies in your firm

Offering Returnships

train + trial opportunities

  • Offer a 12-weeks returnship opportunity via our Career Relaunch Programme for returning talents*

  • Partner us to design a customised training + on-the-job experience programme

*a permanent role can be offered at the end of the returnship

Employer Branding

branding your firm as an employer of choice

Be known as the enlightened employer firm, supportive of gender inclusion through an employer branding event

employers we have partnered

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