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Mums@Work & Career Navigators is delighted to partner Bank of America Merrill Lynch to

promote their upcoming return to work event.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Return to Work Event

"The 'Return to work' experience.....Are perceptions reality?"


On 27th September 2019, the bank organised an event to connect talented professionals, who may be on a career-break, with hiring managers at the bank.


The “return to work” experience.. Are perceptions reality?

Through this panel discussion and networking session, we would like to highlight and drive awareness of the importance of fostering an environment for returnees to succeed and thrive, challenge traditional gender stereotypes at work and at home, and through a candid conversation with our current returnees, understand how returnees are perceived when returning to the workforce after a career break.


More information about the program:

Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Return to Work (RTW) Program

What is the 'Return to Work (RTW)' Program?
• Return to work is a program that started in Technology and Operations in Asia-Pacific in 2015
• Primary objective of the program is to provide career opportunities to experienced professionals who have taken extended career breaks due to family-related reasons



Why is it important?
• Diversity & Inclusion being at the forefront in everything that we do at the Bank, Return to Work is part of the Bank’s commitment to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace by actively creating opportunities for experienced professionals – usually women – wanting to resume employment

• Through such programmes, we can directly reach employees impacted by significant life events and provide support in the moments that matter most, not only because it’s the right thing to do but because it’s core to sustainable and responsible growth.


• 18 months+ career break due to family reason (maternity, family care, elderly care, and other family related reason)
• Opportunities are available across full-time and contract roles
• Although the initiative is a Technology and Operations driven initiative, candidates with other relevant background can apply and will be assessed for possible opportunities
• Detailed on-boarding plan



Uniqueness of our program
Our program is open to both men and women who may have been on a career break

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